How to Play Bingo

Online bingo and land based bingo are pretty much the same game. The rules and structure are the same and, if the site is regulated correctly, your chances of randomly winning are the same! Therefore, learning how to play bingo, applies to both the land based and the online bingo game.

Regular 90 ball bingo sees the players buy strips of cards. There are six different ‘houses’ on each bingo card, and the numbers, one – ninety are split evenly between each of these cards, with fifteen in each card.

The numbers are arranged in column order, making it easy for the bingo player to scan downwards and mark off the number as it is called. The first column contains the number 1-9, the second column 10-19, the third 20-29, and so on and so forth. Cards may be bought as whole strips of six, or as individual houses.

The object of the game is to mark off first one line, then two lines, then a full house (most sites have auto daub facilities). The ‘lines’ are vertical, and contain five numbers. When you have achieved this, you either ’shout’ house or bingo (for land based bingo), or you press the claim button (for online bingo).

Most online bingo sites have an auto claim system to ensure that no one misses their claim. The ticket will then be checked and verified and if valid, you will be awarded the prize money.

75, 80 ball, and American coverall bingo works on the same ‘numbers called out, you tick them off’ basis, however, the patterns vary. The numbers on the tickets are packed tighter together, and usually you are required to tick off either all the squares, or to tick off the numbers in a certain pattern formation.

Prize money varies, but usually correlates to the amount of tickets sold and the price of the tickets. ‘Link’ or ‘National’ games have much higher prize jackpots due to large amounts of bingo clubs joining together and pooling the prize money.

Some websites also run progressive jackpots which accumulate until a winner claims the pot, usually in under a certain amount of numbers.

You must be over eighteen to play the game for money. Bingo is generally a very sociable game, with much comradeship. The online bingo community has evolved its own set of abbreviations, such as gl (good luck) and 1tg ( one number to go until I can check,etc.). You will also find many ‘in chat games’ which are run on bingo sites, these are usually played for points.

How to Play Free Bingo

Over the last few years there have been many changes in the world of online bingo -not least of which is the now standard offer of free bingo.

It may seem like this now commonplace feature has been here forever but it was in fact only a few summers ago no one had heard of a site that offers free bingo games for real cash. How times change however since it’s fair to say that it would be frowned upon now if a site didn’t offer bingo free at some point in their weekly schedule.

Free online bingo is now one of the biggest selling points in any bingo site and newbies will scrutinize schedules in advance of sign up to make sure they will be getting to play free bingo online as part of their package or at the very least on a regular basis.

It’s not just newbies who are looking for free bingo online of course, those who have been around since new bingo started also want to play free bingo. This demand from players has since put the industry has come under such pressure to provide free bingo money to players when playing free bingo.

AskMeBingo is of course a champion of bingo free games and as such has many sites under it’s bingo belt that offer chances for everyone to play free bingo. Sites such as Cheeky and Costa Bingo are among the most famous providers of free online bingo simply as they set the standard only a short while ago.

In fact until these two sites had established a foothold within the industry, free bingo online games were few and far between. Certainly these free bingo online games did not play for free bingo money; usually they offered players bbz or simply the thrill of playing free bingo for novelty’s sake.

As a result of this industry shake up you can now play free bingo on most sites and even expect to win real cash within these games.

Of course the size of the jackpots does not compare to those where players are paying, but given that any winnings you make here are in effect free bingo money there are few players who would complain! While some of the bingo free games are offered by some sites as a reward for regular play and deposits most will have free bingo online now built into their schedules.

You may have to dig around to find the details you need on the free bingo any site is offering, but it’s well worth a look-see especially when you’re joining a new site for the first time.

How To Play Bingo Online

One of the things we love most about bingo online at AskMe Bingo is that no matter when you want to play bingo -no matter what time of the day or night- it’s always there. Not only does the game now have the 24/7 availablity it has never historically benefitted from before, but with the fantastic chat features that most sites have built in you not only have the chance to play bingo online at any hour, but you’ll even have someone to play bingo and chat with.

The history of bingo play in the UK is a long one. Made popular to many while being used as part of community fundraising efforts during and after World War Two, there are many generations that have loved their bingo play.

Taking a step through time to the bricks and mortar bingo hall that defined generations of those who loved to play bingo however, the game certainly has come a long way since the launch of the first bingo site which enticed players in with the previously impossible intecment of play bingo now!

Since moving online, the game hasn’t -as many might have feared origninally- alienated players it has in fact brought them closer together allowing them to fit in the ability to play bingo online no matter how busy their schedule.

It is then the community aspect that draws in the crowds to play bingo online in the UK but it is not just this; when you add the magic play bingo online for free formula into the equation you’ll see that live chat and playing bingo among friends can only have a huge reaction among fans of the game.

Of course as much fun as playing bingo is for us, the fact remains there is huge compeition for player numbers out there -especially in the UK market and this is what drives the market. Thanks to this hot contest to keep player numbers high, we all now also benefit from the chance to play bingo online for free.

Most sites have started to offer free bingo games as part of their schedule over the last few years in order to keep up with player demand. What’s more as the choice to play online bingo for free becomes a standard fixture among the biggest names online, we can all not only play bingo now -should we feel like it- but we can look around to find out where best to play online bingo for free is too!

Make sure you use our site to it’s full effect when you next feel like playing bingo. Whether it’s the chance to play bingo online for free or a recommendation simply as to which is a well trusted and player-centric site where you can play bingo that you’re after!