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Tombola Bingo

Tombola Bingo

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Tombola Bingo has bingo games that you just won’t find anywhere else including Cinco, Pulse and Bingo Roulette.

They’ve also brought offline favourites such as bingo 90, bingo 80 and bingo 75 to the online bingo world, as well as putting our own spin on roulette by introducing tombola roulette – we even have our very own furry critters in Hamster Race!

Tombola is not a new game in the market. It has been prevailing for a quite some time now, but there are very few sites that offer really a great yet cash loaded tombola experience. And when it comes to offering true tombola experience to players, Tombola outshines the rest.

It is considered as UK’s biggest online bingo site because of its unbeatable facts and figures. From variety of games and biggest site to over 40 friendly chat rooms and amazing prizes, the site has topped the online casino charts and making waves in the casino industry.

The site offers a wide range of exclusive tombola and bingo games that are designed for all, budget along with premium members.

The lowest priced game is Bingo Lite in which tickets rate start from 2p and chances of winning a huge jackpot prize of £100 are way too higher.

Along with this, you can rub your hands on a card based game called-Cinco which is a hot favorite among players. Other chat based games start from 5p and go up to 40p in which you can win up to £20,000 jackpots.

The best part of Tombola is that in every game play you can witness some of the best progressive jackpots.

Over the top, site welcomes new player for free and gives him a chance to earn free bonus pounds up to £50 by merely depositing £10.

In this way, you will get up to £75 for free which helps you to play more and buy more bingo cards so that you can hit multiple jackpots.

Tombola Bingo is claimed to be the biggest online bingo site and it’s certainly a popular one, drawing in thousands every single day.

The name might not be a familiar one to those not familiar with bingo (unless you’re a Sunderland Football club supporter!) but they have been in the bingo industry for over 50 years now.

They were once the world leading supplier of bingo cards and even supplied bingo games distributed in magazines and newspapers. There’s no doubt about it, Tombola are absolutely no strangers to the world of bingo.

Excellent Experience

The first thing you’ll notice about the site is Tombolas reluctance to use the traditional selection of pinks and other bright colours on their site. Instead they use calming colours that makes the overall experience of using the site incredibly pleasant and easy on the eye. We could certainly play here for hours on end without the need for sunglasses!

Another obvious difference that sets Tombola apart from the rest is their decision to use their own in house developed software.

The majority of bingo sites buy ready produced software which might mean their games are limited in what they can do and they will be similar to other sites.

Tombola on the other hand have a team of developers developing their own individual games and features you won’t find on any other bingo sites. This makes Tombola a truly unique experience.

Huge range of games

Probably thanks to their team of software developers you will find an absolutely enormous array of games to play at Tombola, possibly bigger than we’ve seen anywhere else. There really is something here for everyone and we’d be seriously surprised if you ever found yourself getting bored.

There is 50, 75, 80 and 90 ball bingo There is also a huge range of price ranges for all budgets. There are free games, 1p games and pick of the pops in our view are the 2p ‘Bingo Lite’ games with guaranteed jackpots of £100. Not bad for a ticket price of 2p I’m sure you’d agree.

Friendly Chat Rooms

As previously hinted, Tombola are the sponsors of Sunderland Football Club and this is most likely due to Sunderland being their home.

Most of the CM’s are actually based in Sunderland so they are likely to be a friendly bunch! The chat rooms at Tombola are very friendly and the proceedings are kept rolling by the very friendly CM’s.

Tombola’s in-house software team have done it again with their side-games by developing a thrilling selection of alternative games to keep you occupied. Each game costs 50p a game and they are proving to be hugely popular.

Battleships is one of the more popular games, based upon the popular board game of the same name. In it you must sink the hidden ships within a set number of moves. If you succeed you can win some pretty huge jackpots – we found this a wonderfully exciting game.

Is Tombola Bingo good?

With its friendly feel and in house development team making fantastically individual software which is fun and exciting to play. Plus, you’re not liekly to find this variety of gaming fun anywhere else.